Ahan Malhotra

Harvard CS '21

About Me

Hi! I am a rising senior at Harvard College, concentrating in the Computer Science Mind, Brain and Behavior track. I have past work experience at Amazon, Bodhi Tree Asset Management, and CareCloud. On campus, I am the infrastructure head TF for CS51, Abstraction and Design in Computation. I’m also the Chief Education Officer of the Harvard Financial Analysts Club, a member of Global Platinum Securities, and am involved with technical theater on campus.

Current Projects

iCSC: Clear Sky Chart Viewer

iCSC allows amateur astronomers to find optimal weather conditions for astronomical observing. It provides an easy to use interface to access Attilla Danko’s Clear Sky Charts.

On Campus

CS51, Abstraction and Design in Computation
Harvard Financial Analysts Club
Global Platinum Securities
Technical Theater

Work Experience


Software Engineering Intern | Summer 2020


SDE Intern | Summer 2019
SDE Intern with Amazon Alexa, the virtual assistant powering Amazon Echo and a range of other devices. We build the platform and services that enable Alexa to better understand and respond to user utterances.

Bodhi Tree Asset Management

Quantitative Research and Development Intern | Summer 2018
Working on designing and implementing quantitative strategies and infrastructure for Bodhi Tree, a systematic global macro fund. Built out services on Amazon Web Services, leveraging technologies such as PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, Lambda, Chef, and Terraform.


Engineering Intern | Aug 2016 - June 2017
Helped lead new iOS team to bring two iOS apps to market, Breeze and Breeze for Medical Practices. Worked alongside marketing, design, and product teams, as well as offshore contractors. Additional work on CareCloud Companion and Ruby backend services.

Past Projects